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Danièle Désourdy animal painter

The happiness that I feel since childhood from getting in touch with nature and observing animals has led me to make them my primary sources of inspiration. Today, painting animal life is for me a great satisfaction that always brings me a feeling of peace, happiness and fulfillment. 


I was able to discover and evolve into hyperrealism with Jules Bouchard, a Quebec artist and Robert Bateman, a great Canadian master in wildlife art. It is in this movement that my artistic approach and my gestures take their full meaning. I use acrylic as a medium because of its vibrant colors and also because it dries quickly. My technique consists of diluting acrylic with glazing mediums, which I apply transparently in several successive layers.

Birds or mammals, I dive into the details of a fur dress, skin  scales and singular shapes of my subjects. My goal is to make them as alive as possible, and their environment more real than nature.

Each work originates from an image that touches me and interpellates me. I occasionally collaborate with talented photographers and I also take my own photos during my outdoor activities. I capture moments of great beauty, sometimes unusual, or marked with tenderness.

It is by admiring the beauty of nature that I become aware of its true value, but also of its fragility. I wish to convey through my works the love and deep respect I have for her.

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