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MICHEL BOIS is an artist who combines creation with teaching and journalistic writing. He is the editor of Magazin'Art. Several times a grant from the Government of Quebec, his work has benefited from numerous individual and collective exhibitions. He has authored numerous articles, monographs and exhibition catalogues, has been a curator of exhibitions, and has participated in the realization of several integration projects in architecture as an artist as well as an expert.

                                                                                                        - L'Instant Mê



It is clear that with the practice of portraiture, wildlife art remains the most demanding genre of visual arts. Realistic and dynamic pose of the animal, softness and fineness of the fur or plumage, sought-after colors, exact details and proportions; everything must compete at a higher level of realism. All the care taken by Désourdy tells us about his passion and his love for the bear, the wolf, the elk, or the deer with its young. These are exceptional works. It is enough to identify the look of the animal to determine its deep personality. A must! In his career punctuated with prizes and awards, let us highlight a prestigious exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in 2018.

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