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The little owl

The little owl



Signed and numbered  by hand, accompanied by an edition certificate


- Reproductions on fine art photo paper:

Matte paper - 245 gm snow white PH neutral

Permanence 75 years

Draw: 20/20


- Reproductions on canvas in the dimensions of the original:

100% cotton canvas - 380gm

Fine grain weave, natural white regular gesso

Permanence 75 years

Draw: 4/4

  • Collecting editions has many benefits. Starting with the most interesting of these advantages, namely: the price. Indeed, the price of an edition often varies between $ 80 and $ 1,500, rarely beyond. These prices therefore make it possible to start and develop a collection of editions more quickly at a low price, all budgets can afford an edition of a great master! These low prices are also an advantage in terms of decoration. Thanks to editions, decorating an interior costs less and allows the collector to multiply them more easily.

    Beyond these questions of price, editions like authentic works can increase in value over the years, as they are generally produced with museum materials, which give them a lifespan of up to 300 years. For collectors a limited edition may also be tax deductible just like genuine works. In summary, to start a collection, editions are the right solution in terms of price, tax advantage, decoration and conservation.

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